Junction Nine is a shopping mall which comprises of 146 commercial units. Out of which 129 of them are retail shops and 17 restaurants.

Junction Nine Shopping Mall Level 1


Junction Nine shopping mall – Level 1

– 25 Kiosks (highlighted in Pink)

– 12 Restaurants (Highlighted in Light Blue)

– 47 Retail shops


Junction Nine Shopping Mall Level 2


Junction Nine shopping mall – Level 2

– 13 Kiosks (highlighted in Pink)

– 5 Restaurants (Highlighted in Light Blue including foot court #02-09)

– 44 Retail shops (Including Supermarket #02-06)











Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Is this a one or two tier MCST system?

Two-tier MCST system


2) Is the carpark shared between the residential and commercial?

The car parking provision is separated for commercial and residential.


3) Which are the units with waterpoint and floor trap?

1st storey : Units 01 to 08, 13, 19 to 23, 31 to 39, 43 to 44, 65, 67 to 69, 77 to 84

2nd storey : All units


4) Which are the units that comes with grease trap?

All restaurant units come with floor traps connecting to grease traps.


5) What is the type of air-conditioner system? Central or individual?

Central system with chilled water provision from within mall’s operation hours.


6) Any TV, telephone and internet points?

All units will be provided with a Telephone block terminal. The corridor will have cable TV box for any future connections based on individual requirements. Internet is not provided.


7) Are there any limited common property solely for retail owners?

Yes. For example, Bin Center (commercial), some M&E Services, Switchroom, Management Office, Service Lifts and lobby, Passenger lifts and lift lobby, podium facade, mailboxes, carpark etc.